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Get to Know your Carlsbad Sprinkler System

Can you tell the difference between a pop-up or a rotor sprinkler head? How about a Rain Bird or a Irritrol valve? Our Carlsbad sprinkler repair team knows their sprinkler heads like some people know cars, and now they're ready to share just a little bit of that knowledge with you.

What follows is a brief primer to some of the different kinds of sprinkler heads you can find on the market today. Of course, if you want to learn more about which sprinkler heads are right for your yard, it's best to speak with your sprinkler repair Carlsbad team today.

Types of Sprinkler Heads

Considering what type of sprinkler head would be best for your lawn is important. Sprinkler heads come in many different forms and each type has its advantages.

1. Rotor Sprinkler Heads: One type of sprinkler head type is rotor sprinkler heads. These are popular among those who want a very even distribution of moisture on their lawn. Due to the fact that they rotate, rotor sprinkles cover a good surface area, and prevent one particular area of the lawn from becoming too wet.

2. Pop-up Sprinkler Heads: Pop-up sprinkler heads are great for those who want a good amount of moisture coverage but want their lawn to look attractive. Pop-up sprinkler heads are above ground when they are needed, but can be sent underground when not in use.

3. Bubbler Sprinkler Heads: Bubbler heads are great for those who want maximum hydration of a particular area of ground. They are ideal for those who have many shrubs and plants on their lawn, as they soak moisture into a particular area of the soil.

These are just a few of the sprinkler heads available. There are many more different types that could benefit your lawn. Our Carlsbad sprinkler repair technicians can further inform you of the different sprinkler heads and systems.